Dadpreneur Series: Episode 2 – Know the Limits

Growing Babies and Growing WellNest

I enjoy giving the little man his bottle in the morning and at night. This gives me a chance to have some bonding time with him and makes my wife’s life easier since she can pump in a much more relaxed manner. I learned a valuable lesson in daddy-ing the other night that really relates to life as a whole and as the owner of a home cleaning service…know the limits.

Image of Tommy Daddy Pic

The other night he quickly drank his normal 2 ounces, some being an old, wannabe athlete, I decided to give him 2 more ounces thinking, “he is hungry he needs more protein.” My wife and his grammy both gave me the “are you sure?” look but I insisted he was just a growing boy and needed more milk.

Motherly Advice is Golden

Another lesson learned there — listen to the mothers. Twenty minutes later, he threw up all over me. It was all over him, my shoulder, my arms, my WellNest shirt, and the floor. (Check out Dadpreneur Series: Episode 1 where I talk about how my life is really all about cleaning all day every day). He’s 10 pounds with a tiny little stomach — 4 ounces is simply too much! Lesson learned — know his limits!

Growth at WellNest

This is definitely relatable to life as an entrepreneur. The job is never complete — you could always send one more email to a potential partner or make one more phone call asking for user feedback, or try and get your flyers into another local business, or do payroll early so it’s done, the list goes on.

As an entrepreneur, you have to know your limits and when to stop for the day. You could easily work 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, but if you don’t take care of yourself in the form of spending time with your family, exercise, eating clean, getting a solid night’s sleep, and maintaining a clean home, your mind and body will quickly crash on you. It’s a really fast, unpredictable marathon, but not a sprint.