Dadpreneur Series, Episode 1: Launch of a Newborn and a Business

Owning and Operating – A Family and Business Life

Parenting a newborn and owning a cleaning service is actually surprisingly similar.

Little man is eight weeks old, WellNest is three weeks old, and the combination of the two had us laughing pretty hard last night. The other night I got home late and asked my wife how she and little man were (“good”) then started blabbering about my day until she was looking at me with a glazed stare. “Little man just threw up on my face. Can you please take him so I can shower?” This story is, in a nutshell, our lives as new parents and entrepreneurs, and made me realize our lives are literally all about cleaning, scheduling, and user feedback.

  • Cleaning techniques for homes, cleaning techniques for pumps and bottles
  • Scheduling cleaning crews, scheduling naps and baths
  • My personal favorite, gathering user feedback on our service and gathering baby feedback on how to get him to stop crying

Image of Bath pic 1

Continuous Cleaning at WellNest HQ

I’m always working with Yansi, our Operations Manager, as we train new employees. Always clean from top to bottom, do the floor last, how to clean stained mildew without bleach, countless other things. Our crews need to be perfect, fast and focused. My wife and I need to be effective, fast and focused – clean pumping equipment, clean bottles, clean clothes, clean dishes. As a dad, I don’t have that beautiful thing called milk so this is where I can add value. Focused on cleaning all day every day!

We’re excited about where WellNest is heading and beyond excited to watch little man grow and grow. Stay tuned for more stories on our lives as dadpreneur and mompreneur!