Process For Hiring Cleaning Technicians

Who you invite into your home or office is very important. Our rigorous hiring process assures our clients that each member of the team has been properly vetted through a series of interviews (both in-person and live), a background check, a quality check, and ongoing training.

In order to hire and retain such top talent, we have to be the BEST cleaning company in Alexandria and Arlington, VA to work for. Our crews are The The Soul of Our Brand. Click the link to read about how we pay, treat, and take care of our amazing teams.

Our Rigorous, 5-Step Process For Hiring Cleaning Technicians

Step 1 - Phone Screening

Our phone screenings focus on communication, culture fit, legal status, and experience. We pass about 20% of candidates beyond this stage.

Step 2 - Live Interview

Our live interview evaluates reliability and trustworthiness and focuses on laying the foundation of our expectations. We are extremely firm during this stage. The Interview is structured around our core values of Respect, Quality, Communication. Only 5% of candidates will continue.

Step 3 - Background Check & Driving Record

This step ensures the candidate is legally authorized to work in the USA, has a clean criminal record, and has a clean driving record.

Step 4 - Field Day With a Manager

At this point, cleaning skills are evaluated by a Manager and a Trainer. Since our screening process is rigorous, most candidates pass this stage and move on to a two-week training working with our Supervisors.

Step 5 - Continued Training + Excellence

New hires are not placed onto a full-time team until approved by a Manager through the help of our Trainers. We leverage Customer Feedback heavily to ensure each of our team members are capable of meeting our clients’ expectations on a daily basis.