Our mission is simple: provide our customers with a worry-free, stress-free method of maintaining a clean and healthy home.

What We Are

  • Experts in home and commercial cleaning
  • 100% Family owned and operated — no investors
  • Trustworthy, trained employees
  • Vetted, bonded, insured

What We Are Not

  • Solely driven by profits
  • An “on-demand” tech platform
  • Reliant on inexperienced contractors
  • Backed by millions in investor funding

We’ve built WellNest on three core values. These are our guiding light in everything we do—both in serving our customers and how our WellNest family operates internally.


Obsess over the service

Our #1 goal is for both our customers and our employees to refer us to their friends and neighbors. The best way to do this is by delivering a trustworthy, consistent, and reliable service.


Pursue sustainable growth

We want to build a company that creates value beyond profits. We are passionate about challenging ourselves and our employees to learn, grow, and achieve. By doing so, we will collectively build a service and community we can all be proud of.


Stay simple. Stay minimalist.

It’s easy to get side-tracked. We stay focused by not straying from what we do best: clean homes with an obsession for service. Nothing more, nothing less.

We built this out of need

Prior to WellNest we were a couple of newlyweds with busy, active careers as young professionals from Arlington, VA. We were working out in the mornings, pulling long hours and often traveling for work, and trying to keep up with our friends. We simply didn’t have the time to clean.

So we went looking for a company that could do it all online: pricing, scheduling, and payment. We eventually found a company that did a good deep clean, but we quickly realized how outdated the industry was—in-home estimates, inflexible scheduling, phone tag, payment by cash or check, and inconsistent service.

In late 2015, we found out we were expecting a baby boy, and, as many parents do, we researched what a pregnant mom should and shouldn’t be exposed to. We were shocked by all the warning labels on cleaning products and the lack of care taken in transferring germs from place to place by traditional cleaning companies. And further, most of the companies didn’t perform background checks or have proper insurance.

After hours and hours of searching for a company that could fit our needs, it was apparent: a convenient, health-conscious and trustworthy cleaning service simply did not exist.

The result? WellNest Home Cleaning.


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