Keeping You and What You Care About Clean and Healthy During COVID-19 and Beyond

Why Choose WellNest Professional Cleaning?

We believe in the WellNest Way of running our local cleaning business in Alexandria and Arlington, VA and Surrounding Areas. What does that mean exactly? It means making sure we take care of what matters to us most: our customers, our employees, and our communities. At WellNest, we provide the most thorough, evidence-based green cleaning in Northern Virginia. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, which is why we’ve grown almost entirely through word-of-mouth and referrals. 

We also believe it goes beyond just cleaning. We treat our cleaning professionals like family. We know if we take care of them, they will take care of you. Here’s how we take care of our employees in an industry notorious for mistreating its cleaning professionals:

  • Pay industry-leading, living wages 
  • Provide a QSEHRA for our employees to contribute towards their health insurance premiums.
  • Provide safe, reliable company cars and pay for fuel. 
  • Offer regular, reliable Monday-Friday schedules.
  • Give them paid time off, holiday pay, and overtime.
  • Before the pandemic, we ate breakfast every Friday and had bowling outings.
  • Continuous training and growth opportunities

We are also active participants in our community, and believe we need to get involved. We have helped various schools in Northern Virginia and have raised money for their PTAs. We’ve also sponsored Arlington Little League for several years. Our founder and owner, Phil Harper, grew up in Purcellville and is raising a young family in Alexandria and Arlington, VA and Surrounding Areas.

The WellNest Way vs Other Cleaning Companies

The WellNest Way Other Cleaners
Certified in Infection Prevention
We are Certified Infection Prevention experts with hours of training completed around COVID-19 and cleaning for health
Many just follow CDC guidelines yet do not know how to clean to prevent the spread of COVID-19
Custom, Adaptable Solutions
Custom, innovative cleaning programs based on your needs and developed within our proprietary framework
One-size-fits-all, outdated solutions that don't understand specific needs of each client
Green Cleaning
Experts in green cleaning for commercial and residential clients
Use harmful chemicals that can be hazardous to your health
Trained Cleaning Professionals
Our staff goes through rigorous training and ongoing education to ensure you get a reliable clean each and every time
Limited training, "hire and go" mentality prevalent in the industry
Built For Your Busy Lifestyle
Do everything online – pricing, scheduling, requests, rescheduling, payment, communication with the crews, feedback
Back-and-forth, time-wasting process that's inconvenient and is not easy.
Low Staff Turnover
Turnover is low as we treat staff like family, pay them well, and take pride in our client-crew relationships
High turnover driven by inconsistent pay, mistreatment, and outdated HR policies
Locally Owned and Operated
Our founder Phil Harper is Loudoun County native and 8+ year Arlington Resident who understands the unique local market
National companies that lack personalized service and are out-of-touch with the needs of the area

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