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What I’ve Learned As A First-Time Entrepreneur

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Hello! WellNest Home Services is 7 months old. With over 100 subscribed customers and a retention rate that remains over 90%, we are knocking on the door of having a scalable, sustainable business. It’s been challenging, rewarding, frustrating, miserable, all the feelings. I was recently asked by a former colleague, “so what have you learned so far since you left corporate America and became an entrepreneur?” Here goes… 1 – Don’t force the idea. Adapt…

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The Reasoning Behind Our Bonus for Performance Program

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We recently implemented our Bonus for Performance Program to help incentivize, motivate, and retain our teams. The program is simple and straight-forward. For every 25 new recurring customers, each member of our team receives a bonus. The two most popular incentive programs amongst cleaning companies include: “Pay for Performance” — Teams are rated by the customer after each cleaning, similar to Uber. Ratings are averaged for each pay cycle. A higher rating means higher pay but…

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