The Reasoning Behind Our Bonus for Performance Program

House Cleaning Service – Bonus for Performance

We recently implemented our Bonus for Performance Program to help incentivize, motivate, and retain our teams. The program is simple and straight-forward. roxana-angela-cruz-bowling

For every 25 new recurring customers, each member of our team receives a bonus!

House Cleaning Incentives

The two most popular incentive programs amongst cleaning companies include:

  1. Pay for Performance” — Teams are rated by the customer after each cleaning, similar to Uber. Ratings are averaged for each pay cycle. A higher rating means higher pay but with a ceiling. A lower rating means lower pay but with a floor.
  2. Higher Rating, More Jobs — The teams with the higher ratings get the most jobs and ability to approve and deny jobs. This is modeled after the “Uber for X” model but using established cleaning crews of 2 or 3.

Both policies make complete sense and accomplish their goals.

The WellNest Differences Shine

Our brand is represented by our employees in the most personal of all places: customers’ homes. There aren’t many industries that are as high-touch and personal as house cleaning. Our goal is to retain our best employees. We are always asked the question, “Can we have this same team every time?” We are a people business, therefore consistency is directly related to employee retention.

When evaluating what program to implement for employee retention purposes, it all came down to one underlying factor. While our wages are aligned with the higher ranges of #’s 1 and 2 above, Our Bonus for Performance Program is unlimited. We can do all sorts of things to acquire new customers — paid advertising, SEO, grassroots, etc.

Grow With WellNest

Ultimately, top-notch cleanings drive word-of-mouth referrals which is the best form of advertising. As long as we’re growing, our employees are making more money. Our program gives an incentive to perform and an incentive to stay with WellNest. This then provides quality and consistency for our clients and builds trust between WellNest and client.

The picture shown is a few of our teammates during our 2016 Holiday Party. Roxana was our winner, with a whopping score of 156! She even bowled four straight strikes and had never been bowling before. Amazing!

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