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Meet Elizabeth — Our Executive Assistant and Blog Writer

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Last year flew by. It’s almost the end of February and that flew by too! I think at this point most of us got rid of our holiday decorations, but I know I’m still finding those pesky needles everywhere! Are you? Or do you have other holiday decorations still hanging around in your house?  We know how difficult it can be to balance work, kids, those New Years’ Resolutions (hopefully we are all still on…

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Five Steps to Prepare for a Cleaning With An Infant At Home

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Hello! If you clicked on this, there’s a good chance you have a newborn at home. Congratulations! My wife and I just welcomed our second little boy in August and, in the words of a friend, we are IN it. You know it too well — IN it in the sense of feedings every 2 to 4 hours, sleep deprivation, wondering why he’s crying, arguing at 3 AM over who wakes up to feed, all…

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The SOUL of Our Brand

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Heart of WellNest House Cleaning A couple of weeks ago I was filling out a form about WellNest and was asked, “What is the SOUL of your brand?” Here was my response: The soul of our brand is the mastery of our customer persona. As customers ourselves, my wife and I designed the business around our own specific needs as a family with 1 to 3 young kids, our focus on organics, our love for…

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Managing Seasonality in the Residential Cleaning Business

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The Ups & Downs of House Cleaning Services Recently the topic of Managing Seasonality has come up often in our business. The nature of our business is that of recurring work — weekly, biweekly, and monthly customers. It’s fairly routine but we do have seasonality challenges to manage. Often seasonal customer growth is directly counteracted by seasonal employee turnover. The table below shows how our revenue per day grew from March 2017 through May 2018….

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4 Reasons Why Your Neighbors Are Hiring Us

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Why Hire WellNest for House Cleaning Our cleaning service has grown from just 2 part-time employees at launch in June 2016 to over 20 full-time employees today, just 18 months later. All of our success has been attributed to word-of-mouth referrals between friends and neighbors. How? Here’s what we know, using actual customer quotes. “WellNest has been better than any other company we’ve had” The only way to provide great cleanings is to hire the best…

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Three Simple Tips To Maximize The Most of Your House Cleaning

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How to Get the Most from House Cleaning Service As the owner of a cleaning company, one of the most common questions I receive is “how can we get the best cleaning possible?” No cleaning crew will ever be perfect simply because no human is perfect. I am confident we at WellNest get as close to perfect as any company out there but there are definitely some things customers can do to help their crew…

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5 Tips for Maintaining A Clean Home, Even With Young Kids!

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Keeping a Clean House with Children Hi friends! So here’s a typical scenario for life with a toddler on “cleaning day.” We will call the toddler Little One. You can exchange a toddler for any age child(ren). Cleaning Day Routine 6 PM: You walk in your front door, it’s clean! It smells fresh. The dust is gone, the beds are made, and the floors are shiny. You breathe in and savor it. 6:15 PM: Little…

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My Company Survived Year 1 — Here’s What I Learned

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WellNest House Cleaners at One Exactly one year ago we began servicing customers as a residential cleaning company. We had a team of three part-time employees, my wife, and myself. I am personally stoked to say that in just 12 months we are now the same size as an average brand name M___ Maids franchise with five crews. We also won the award for the Sun-Gazette’s 2017 Best House Cleaning Service in Arlington. Understanding the Marketplace!…

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What I’ve Learned As A First-Time Entrepreneur

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House Cleaning Service – Managers Perspective Hello! WellNest Home Services is 7 months old. With over 100 subscribed customers and a retention rate that remains over 90%, we are knocking on the door of having a scalable, sustainable business. It’s been challenging, rewarding, frustrating, miserable, all the feelings. I was recently asked by a former colleague, “so what have you learned so far since you left corporate America and became an entrepreneur?” Here goes… 1…

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