Case Study: COVID-19 Touchpoint Disinfection For a Law Office

The Challenge

A law firm with 200+ attorneys and over 70,000 square feet of office space had transitioned to nearly 100% remote during COVID-19. The law firm’s HR team realized they needed a true science-based approach with advanced technology and a professional protocol. 

How We Helped

While collaboratively preparing a touch-point disinfection cleaning program, the firm learned of a positive COVID-19 case for someone who was in the office the week prior. 

We quickly mobilized a team of trained Disinfection Specialists who were certified by Victory in the use of electrostatic sprayers. Our team of 10 first performed general cleaning procedures to remove dust and debris in order to ensure proper disinfection. We then performed touch-point disinfection procedures using an EPA-registered disinfectant approved for use against SARS CoV-2 and COVID-19 throughout the entire 70,000 square foot of office space across five levels. 

The Results

Our client, the HR Director, was impressed by our ability to use both electrostatic sprayers and handheld trigger sprayers to ensure maximum speed and efficiency without spraying chemicals on papers and folders throughout the office, which is a common mistake during disinfection procedures (and why fogging can be very detrimental to a business!) 

Our client stated, “We (especially me) appreciate all of y’all’s patience, flexibility, and responsiveness. The project was done well. Have a great day and weekend. Thanks.”