Three Simple Tips To Maximize The Most of Your House Cleaning

How to Get the Most from House Cleaning Service

As the owner of a cleaning company, one of the most common questions I receive is “how can we get the best cleaning possible?” No cleaning crew will ever be perfect simply because no human is perfect. I am confident we at WellNest get as close to perfect as any company out there but there are definitely some things customers can do to help their crew deliver a near-perfect cleaning.

Three Reason WellNest Outperforms

1 — If you’re home or let the crew in then head out, be nice and friendly. Ask them how they are. They’ll, of course, have their water bottles and whatever else with them or in their car, maybe offer them water. There may be a language barrier but that’s OK! Kindness does not go unnoticed.

2 — Spend 10-15 minutes before your cleaning picking up toys, clothes, things. The “pre-clean” is essential. Cleaning and organizing are two totally different things. Cleaning means to scrub, wash, mop, and disinfect. Organizing and tidying are synonymous. In being fully transparent, it frustrates the crew when they have to spend 30 minutes picking up toys or doing a ton of dishes and this will reflect in the rest of the cleaning. They’d always rather clean.

3 — If you have special requests or specific comments or notes, let your company’s management know ahead of time. When a customer rattles off a bunch of instructions to our crew when they arrive, it rarely goes well. If you let them know ahead of time, your company’s management can include these instructions in the Job Notes (translated as necessary), can review it with the crew during dispatch, and most importantly, the crew can refer to these notes throughout the cleaning. Upfront communication helps tremendously. Don’t be shy!

Your Local House Cleaners at WellNest

Best of luck!

Phil Harper

Owner / CEO, WellNest Home Cleaning

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