Meet Our Crew! Yansi, Operations Manager

The WellNest Family Grows

It’s pretty common for us to get the question, “So how did you learn how to clean?” Our answer is always the same — “We have an amazing team led by Yansi.” Yansi pic updated Yansi is our Operations Manager. When the idea for WellNest Home Cleaning came about, we went to Yansi. With years of management experience in the cleaning industry, she has been instrumental in developing our service, establishing quality control, and above all else, ensuring we are hiring the most trustworthy, talented, and hard-working employees in the area.

WellNest Management Chat

Please say hello to her when you see her around town, she’ll give you a big “Hey!” Phil: Hi Yansi! Yansi: Hey! Phil: Let’s start with your favorite topic. Tell us about your boys. Yansi: I have two boys, Kevin plays soccer in college at Alderson Broaddus University. He’s in his third year! Brandon is in his first year at NOVA and is studying to be a Language Teacher. He speaks Spanish, English, and Japanese. Phil: Japanese? Yansi: Yeah, I remember when he was 7 years old he asked me to pick him up one of those Manga Japanese books, then he ended up reading them all, and now he knows Japanese. And soon he’ll be teaching the language. It’s pretty cool! Phil: What do you do on a typical Saturday in the summertime? Yansi: I usually clean a couple of houses in Reston but when I’m not doing that, I like to be active and be outdoors. Fishing, walking, canoeing, and now my son and I are getting ready to volunteer with the Japanese community. It’ll be fun. Phil: You didn’t mention anything about how much you love Barcelona FC! Yansi: Ooooohhhh yes. The season’s about to start. We’re getting ready. Phil: Whose your favorite player? Yansi: Oohhhhh Messi of course! And Iniesta, I always tell my boys to play like Iniesta. Phil: Why do you work for WellNest? Yansi: Having been around with these cleaning companies for so long, I love the concept. I love the products we use. It’s safe for our customers of course but it’s great for us as the cleaners. We’re using it all day and notice a huge difference in the way our skin feels and also with breathing. Phil: What do you see yourself doing in five years? Yansi: I want to finish my college. I have three years left and want to start next year taking classes on Saturdays. I just want to have my diploma and be a teacher. And in 5 years I want to own my own house. I want to be a homeowner. Phil: If you could take a free vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Yansi: El Salvador to see my mom! Phil: How many ping-pong balls fit in a Boeing 747? Yansi: What? Phil: Just kidding!

More than House Cleaners

As you can see, at WellNest, we embrace our team members like family.  It’s the little things that make the biggest differences – is how we approach life at WellNest.  Contact us to book an appointment and discover the difference WellNest makes in your home!