Dadpreneur Series: Importance of Support

What Makes WellNest Tick

Image of Nicole and Phil at Jiffy Lube

Today is my wife’s birthday — Happy Birthday Better Half! To celebrate we went to The Band Perry concert at Wolf Trap last night. Not only was it her birthday but it was actually our first night out since little man was born.

Between being new parents and launching WellNest, we needed time to re-connect, even if we were simply listening to music and watching a show.

We are fortunate to have little man’s Grammy just an hour away and is a great support for us. Wife and I got to talking about how important it is for us to have a support network, especially for her as a new mom.

She is able to talk to her friends and sisters about things like breastfeeding, sleep training, local pediatricians, etc. but especially with breastfeeding.

New Life and New Experiences

It’s all new territory — the books and Google cover the masses, not our child’s individual needs. And when he’s rocking out his vocal cords and crying his head off, mama’s post-natal hormones start flying through the roof. This is where the support network comes in. And then continues by giving us a reliable babysitter so we can re-connect when we know we need to.

WellNest House Cleaning New Heights

As founders, this is also huge. Friends, advisors, supporters, other founders, we can bounce ideas off each other. Chances are someone has been in a similar position.

Right now with WellNest, it’s about when to hire the next team now that we’re reaching break-even, how to read what the market is telling us, are we moving too fast or too slow, and simply understanding our overall market positioning.

Leaning and Learning With Others

I’m excited for this Wednesday to get together with three other Founders — the CEO and Co-Founder of Plum Relish,, the Founder of Blake Willson Group,, and the owner and President of JHNA, Inc.,

Each of these folks has either built or are in the process of building successful businesses. I can’t wait to pick their brains and learn from their experiences, and hopefully, they can learn from ours as well.