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Dadpreneur Series: Episode 4 — Going Against the Grain

Vacuums and The WellNest Way

In building WellNest, we have had to make a couple of decisions that are definitely unexpected for a residential cleaning company. One particular decision — we are a residential cleaning company yet we use our customers’ vacuums. Rationale below.

  • Vacuums: The cleaning companies we used to hire always brought a vacuum. Had they not, we probably would’ve wondered why we were paying them. But the same vacuum used to clean other homes was also being used in oursTommy Tummy Time pic. Even the best HEPA vacuums are inherently surrounded by dust, pet dander, bacteria, dirt. What from the prior homes were being blown all around our home? Call us clean freaks but that is worrisome, especially with an infant who has a weak immune system.
  • Floor mops: Same story, except this, is really gross. Where has that mop also been used? The mop we saw one company using in our home was brown. I don’t think it was brown when it was purchased. With little man soon to be crawling (shameless cute plug — check out my little dude doing tummy time), this mop thing simply grossed us out.

Microfiber Mops for WellNest Homes

For WellNest, the mop issue was easy. Our microfiber mops are velcro-based, detachable, and machine washable. Microfiber is known to be the most effective type of mop out there. We bought a huge box of mop heads and use a clean one for each individual cleaning. It’s simple and straight forward.

Smart Choices for Eco-friendly Cleaning

But how could we be a cleaning company and not use our own vacuums? And actually, encourage the use of our customers’ vacuums? This is completely against the grain but we’re a residential cleaning company. We do deep cleans of our client’s homes. That’s what we are paid to do so we’re going to do it in the absolute most effective way possible. Details matter!

I’m really interested to see people’s reactions to this post. WellNest Home Cleaning is the only professional cleaning company around here (that we know of) that has taken this stance and so far, it’s been well received. Feel free to leave a comment below or shoot us a note at support@gowellnest.com if you have any questions or thoughts on the subject. Cheers to living clean!

Side note — We do own and carry vacuums with HEPA filters in our cars, especially for move-in and move-out cleans!


  • Kathy McNay(Nelson) says:

    Totally makes sense!! Love the theory. And agreed it is gross when you spell it out like this!! Cheering you on from Nashville.

  • Mary Ann says:

    I totally agree with your concepts. Having a compromised immune system myself, I would definitely pay more to know that only my dirt, etc. was being thrown around. I think it is a great concept. I sometimes wonder about this in motels, etc. without being obsessive about it. It is good to be on the cautious side!

    • Phil Harper says:

      Exactly! The funny thing is our customers actually pay less because we don’t have to purchase vacuums. That’s a savings we’re able to pass on. I’m drafting up a blog post on how to do a “quick clean” of hotel rooms. Key things to focus on first — door knobs and remote controls! Thank you for the note!

  • Mary Ann says:

    I have to let my husband read your response. The door knobs and remotes are usually the dirtiest items in a room. The next thing to remove is the bedspread. We just stayed at a place rented by the week where the spread was replaced with a tasteful strip of cloth similar to a table runner…another germ catcher gone.

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