Dadpreneur Series — Celebrate More

Small Business Hurdles – WellNest Story Continues!

My wife and I are focusing on celebrating more. It’s something I’ve always struggled with as I tend to get so ingrained in “the next thing.” Celebrations build bonds, but all too often bad times overtake the good. Some simple examples where we’ve consciously focused on celebrating:
  • Acid reflux in babies sucks. After weeks of “figuring it out,” little man is finally eating what he should be. Instead of focusing on how tough that was for us as parents (and for him in the actual pain), we are celebrating that he’s eating. Spoon feeding him is like a party — he loves it!
  • While we definitely don’t have it figured out, we know his cries, we think we know what he needs (ha!), we know how to make him laugh, and we know how to soothe him. Celebrating this is so much better than thinking about how exhausted we were or how parenthood straight up kicks your butt physically and mentally.

Small Steps & Big Leaps

It’s the same thing in entrepreneurship. WellNest Home Cleaning has come a long way. We’ve undergone tons of challenges — space issues, transportation snafus, employee turnover, missed opportunities — but we’ve grown stronger as a result. Some examples:
  • We outgrew our initial space (a self-storage unit!) so we moved into a real office. In the words of one of our staff, “We’re a real company now!”
  • We have two fully functioning teams cleaning homes throughout Northern VA. We leased some awesome sub-compact, fuel-efficient Scion vehicles that we’ll soon have wrapped with our logo. We’re planning for a third team.
  • By focusing on customer service, being honest with our customers when we make a mistake, and building meaningful relationships, we’ve overcome several mishaps and are keeping our retention rate above 90%.

All Natural Cleaning Company Confidence

I’m proud to say we’ve proven the need for a tech-enabled, all-natural cleaning service that actually cares about customer service. It’s time to celebrate. But not too hard as we need to learn from our mistakes, iterate, and plan for growth. New challenges are arising and will continue to arise. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the challenges — silent reflux missed opportunities — but by celebrating the small wins as they come, it makes weathering the tougher times a heck of a lot better. Most importantly, it forces us to truly appreciate the smiles, the giggles, the new customers, the satisfied customers, and everything in between.

Local Home Cleaners Near You

Besides the geographic proximity of closeness – the growing family at WellNest is truly near you.  We are a young family may be like yours with big dreams and aspirations.  Think about hiring us to help you live life to the fullest – it’s how we do it and think you might like it too!