4 Reasons Why Your Neighbors Are Hiring Us

Why Hire WellNest for House Cleaning

Our cleaning service has grown from just 2 part-time employees at launch in June 2016 to over 20 full-time employees today, just 18 months later. All of our success has been attributed to word-of-mouth referrals between friends and neighbors. How? Here’s what we know, using actual customer quotes.

“WellNest has been better than any other company we’ve had”

The only way to provide great cleanings is to hire the best talent by providing the best job opportunities. We offer:

  • Predictable Monday through Friday schedules with weekly reliable paychecks,
  • Industry-leading wages, Wellnest Logo
  • Overtime pay,
  • Holiday Pay and Paid Time Off,
  • And a work culture that is driven by our Culture Values of “Respect, Quality, Communication.”

These are not common in the industry. We set the tone with prospective employees during the very first phone interview. We expect quality and reliability. While it does scare many recruits away, our employees love it because they know they can rely on their teammates, which is a major key to success.

“WellNest will WORK with you”

My wife Nicole and I have always designed the business with our own needs in mind because we ourselves are WellNest’s target customer.

  • We both have busy, high-intensity professional backgrounds (CPAs and consultants),
  • We have an active two-year-old,
  • We get frustrated when companies don’t provide top-notch customer service, and
  • We understand the importance and value of living healthy, living clean, and the time technology saves us.

We have very similar backgrounds, needs, and wants as our clients. We understand what our customers want and, along with our Management Team, have built WellNest accordingly.

“I trust WellNest”

Hiring a cleaning company brings its security risks. We primarily recruit from our employees’ networks but also leverage social media to increase our pool of recruits so we can be selective. We perform background checks, which are great, but our Management Team leverages their years of experience and does an exceptional job interviewing with a focus on trust, experience, and reliability. 

“WellNest makes scheduling so easy, which is what I need right now”

Our clients’ lives move fast. Scheduling and automation are essential to family life, especially as families grow (meal times, nap times, conference calls, games, recitals…). We recognize our technology is worthless if the cleanings aren’t high quality but to have both quality and convenience is a major benefit for our clients. Here are some of the key features of our website:

  • Our clients can schedule and reschedule appointments quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks,
  • We send automated appointment reminders three days in advance because our clients lead busy lives and cannot possibly remember everything,
  • We give $50 credits simply for referring a customer, all done online,
  • Other functionalities are valued — importing appointments to calendars, secure credit card payments, live support, and customer service, sending messages to the crew for individual appointments, among others.

House Cleaners Near You – Here to Stay

This is not a side gig we put together to earn some extra cash. We are exceptionally proud of WellNest and what we’ve built. We are proudest of our amazing team. Our Management Team is the best in the business as are our Supervisors and Staff. Our retention rate in Arlington, VA is nearly 90%. If you’re frustrated with your cleaning service, give us a shot and use promo code BLOG25 for $25 off your first cleaning through our website — www.gowellnest.com. There is no commitment or obligation and you can cancel at any point without hassle. We hope to work with you soon!

Phil Harper is the Co-Founder and CEO of WellNest Home Cleaning. WellNest is a locally-owned green cleaning company servicing hundreds of clients in Arlington, Alexandria, McLean, Vienna, Fairfax, and Falls Church, with operations soon expanding to Reston, Herndon, Centreville, Chantilly, and Loudoun County.