DIY Oven Cleaner

Oven Cleaning Tips from WellNest

We enjoy experimenting with DIY cleaners at home. We baked sweet potatoes the other night but they leaked through the aluminum foil and burned in the oven. Our self-cleaning function on our oven always seems to do more harm than good (or sets off the fire alarm, which stresses out the little man), so we decided to try a DIY oven cleaner and were pretty successful. I, unfortunately, didn’t take any pictures but it worked! We found a couple of examples online and ended up improvising with the following since we didn’t need much.

Simple Solution Works

1/4 cup baking soda + couple spoonfuls of water This makes a paste that we applied to the burnt sweet potato. We let it sit for about 2 hours (deeper stains or caked on grease would need overnight), then used the rough side of a sponge and wiped it right up. We then sprayed just a tad of the all-purpose cleaner (which is vinegar-based) we use for WellNest and made it nice and shiny. Wa la! Give it a shot! Way better than using chemicals and, as we learned, quite effective and easy!

Beyond Cleaning Tips

Let’s face it, sometimes it is just too much to keep a home clean and healthy – WellNest knows what it takes and you might be surprised at how much time and energy you save when using a cleaning pro to keep your house in extra order. Consider WellNest your DIY solution toward keeping a happy healthy home!