Case Study: Creating a Customized Cleaning Program For a Popular Art Gallery in Arlington, VA

The Challenge

A highly popular, widely known public art gallery based in Arlington, Va reached out to us when the COVID-19 pandemic began about building a customized cleaning program to support the Art Gallery during the pandemic.

How We Helped

We performed the following for the art gallery:

  • Built a custom training program for their staff on how to combat COVID-19. 
  • Customized a cleaning program that satisfied the workforce while maintaining budget during the pandemic.
  • As restrictions lifted, transitioned back to daily cleaning with a focus on the restrooms and floor care throughout the facility
The Results


By partnering with us, the Arts Gallery was able to maintain flexibility and cleanliness during the pandemic. This allowed them to open and close quickly as restrictions changed.

The Director of the Arts Gallery indicated she “is happy to serve as a reference. Call anytime!”