Behind the Scenes: COVID-19 Training at WellNest

Behind the Scenes: COVID-19 Training at WellNest

Blog written by: Elizabeth Shine, WellNest Account Manager


There is no question: COVID-19 has changed everything, including here at Wellnest. We have not only adapted, adjusted, and modified the way we clean, but the training for all our staff as well.

 Where to Start?

We started by taking  the time to learn as much about COVID-19 and the best techniques to clean and disinfect to protect not only our clients and staff.

Next, we began to build a training system that covered the basics of COVID-19. We wanted every team member to be on the same page and understand what measures were being taken and why. The training is on a new platform we have begun using called Trainual

 Each team member was given the new COVID-19 related material in the office, (while socially distancing, of course) and read all about  the new procedures, the new equipment, and, most importantly, why we were making the changes.

 Getting on the Same Page

As we were learning about best practices and procedures, we realized that perhaps our teams did not have or had not learned the same information. So for each of the different sections of the COVID-19 training, such as “What is COVID-19?”  or “New practices and procedures for Wellnest,” we created quizzes, culminating in a final “exam.”

The teams were given as much time as necessary, and no one was ever rushed. It took a few weeks for everyone to complete the training because we wanted to be careful to ensure proper social distancing. 

 We have also been lucky enough to hire a few new team members who have all gone through the training as well. 

Some Examples

Below is a list of sample questions given to each team member.

 What is a novel coronavirus?

  1. What is influenza more commonly known as?

  2. How often should shoes/crocs be cleaned and disinfected?

We blocked time off in their schedules, about two hours, so that each team would have the time to complete the training. Some people took less time, while others took longer. We were very flexible with the process as it was new for us as well. 

The teams either used tablets we provided or their phones. The training was written in English, but translated to Spanish, which most of our cleaners speak. 

The feedback overall was positive. Most of the cleaners didn’t fully understand the science behind COVID-19 or why we were making so many operational changes in our business. Once we took the time to explain, they were more receptive of all the changes.

This is a new world we are living in, and we have adapted and will continue to adapt with each new decision and with every new piece of information that we receive. 

 We are confident our teams now understand what COVID-19 is, how it spreads, and the best way to disinfect surfaces to keep it from spreading.

We will continue to gain the proper knowledge to ensure everyone’s safety.

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Elizabeth Shine is the Executive Assistant to the Owner and Account Manager at Wellnest. She is responsible for assisting with the creation of the training materials as well as multiple other projects within the company.