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Cleanliness is now more important than ever. With the onset of COVID-19, the importance of creating a healthy, clean, and safe environment for your customers and employees has never been more important. Your customers and employees have higher standards for cleanliness, and you need to meet their expectations. 

At WellNest Professional Cleaning, we understand that each business has unique needs. That’s why you get a customized, adaptable, scalable cleaning and disinfecting plan. Our cleaning technicians are reliable, trustworthy, and are trained in COVID-19 prevention so you can have the peace of mind you need to run your business.

Why You Should Choose WellNest Professional Cleaning

Save Time & Money​

Save Money

Clean and disinfect the right areas, at the right times, using the right products, while staying within your budget through our evidence-based, cleaning framework.

Green Cleaning You Can Trust​

Customized Solutions

We will develop a custom cleaning program based on your needs and have the capability to adjust our scope and fees as the needs of your facility evolve.

EPA-Approved Cleaning​

Evidence-Based Cleaning

All disinfectant solutions used in our cleaning and disinfecting cleaning procedures are EPA- approved for use against COVID-19. 

Infection Prevention Certified

COVID-19 & Infection Prevention Certifications - WellNest Professional Cleaning
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How We Create a Customized Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services Program For You

Northern Virginia Commercial and Janitorial Services Framework - WellNest

Our unique approach to create a customized commercial cleaning and and janitorial program for you. We:

1. Assess Risk – Understand your space with our Three Pillar Framework centered around your facility, access, and use. We determine your needs and review the facility’s ventilation, materials, flooring, occupant use, traffic patterns, touch-points,

2. Collaborate to Develop a Cleaning Program – Look for opportunities to reallocate cleaning budget from low-risk areas to high-risk areas. Reduce labor costs with autonomous technologies including vacuums and electrostatic sprayers.

3. Create Customized Training – Understanding your commercial space’s use, flow, layout, and interactions within the space itself that will allow for enhanced and/or additional disinfection procedures where most needed.


EPA-Approved Cleaning Products For Your Health & Safety

EPA Approved Disinfecting

All of our disinfecting solutions are EPA-registered and approved to fight against COVID-19. In addition, we include:

1. Electrostatic sprayers and autonomous vacuums to reduce labor costs and drive tenant and workforce confidence, as applicable

2. Touch-point disinfection of high-traffic and high-touch areas including doorknobs, handles, light switches, handrails, tables, desks, chairs, buttons, kitchen equipment, per CDC guidelines

3. Eco-friendly products in accordance with Green Seal guidelines

4. Adherence to CDC guidelines, including for Personal Protective Equipment

5. FREE Infection Prevention consultative guidance on how to effectively and efficiently leverage custodial solutions in the fight against COVID-19 in the Workplace

The Best Commercial Cleaning Team in Alexandria, VA

Our proven success in the commercial cleaning and janitorial industry begins and ends with our cleaning professionals.

Here's how WellNest ensures you're getting the best cleaning professionals in the Washington, DC Metro Area:

WellNest Janitorial Professionals

Our Commitment to You

  • Expertise in Cleaning and Disinfecting – We are Certified Infection Prevention experts and every member of our team – Management,
    Administrative, Supervisors, and Technicians — has completed countless hours of training around COVID-19 and cleaning for health.
  • Service Reliability – By always focusing on our greatest asset, our cleaning professionals, we are proud to deliver turnkey, worry-free, reliable cleanings for our clients.
  • Vetted, insured, and trained cleaning technicians – Our cleaning technicians undergo a thorough background check and eVerify, complete a long training process, and are paid industry-leading wages and benefits.
  • Green Cleaning – We deploy evidence-based green cleaning practices using Green Seal certified products and following Green Seal’s Guidelines for Safer COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection.
  • Custom, adaptable solutions – We create a customized cleaning and disinfecting plan for you and can adjust our scopes, fees, and projects as your needs evolve.
  • Personalized, VIP Service – We pride ourselves on delivering personalized, exceptional service.

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